Babolat 102512 Pure Aero Rafa 290g

€279,00 €309,00
The Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 2023 Tennis Racquet matches the cosmetic of the racquet Rafa plays on tour. This version features a much more accessible. The racquet doesn't feature any of the dampening technologies of the current Pure Aero models, so the feel for the ball is very connected and raw. Babolat`s Woofer grommet system helps to increase string movement for added power and spin, and the aero-modular beam cuts through the air for faster racquet head speed. Current Pure Aero users will love the old-school feedback of the Pure Aero Rafa 2023. The very low weight makes his frame a good choice for tons of players. Big-hitting advanced players will love how customizable the racquet is.


-Lighter weight than Rafa plays on tour.
-No modern dampening system for a raw and connected feel.
-New bright cosmetic!
-Old school WOOFER grommet system for increased string movement.