Babolat 102505 EVO Aero

For her, tennis isn't just a game, it's a sport that's about fun, effort and pushing yourself. That's why we designed the Evo Aero racquet and built in everything you need to progress easily while having fun on the court. We've redesigned the frame of this tennis racket to give you the perfect balance of power and comfort with every strike. The racquet head has also been redesigned so that you can easily spin the ball and benefit from more shot security. Thanks to its sporty and modern design, you can combine performance and style on the tennis court. All Evo tennis rackets are already equipped with the Syntec Evo grip tape, which feels velvety soft and offers you maximum comfort with every shot.


Your game requires power. That's why we created a racquet that's just right for you and came up with a new concept: Easy Power. Thanks to the new design and the head size of 660 cm², it has never been so easy to hit a ball back long and powerfully.

Our engineers have refined the SMAC EX technology to get the most out of it. Viscoelastic material located at four key points of this aerodynamic frame (3 / 6 / 9 / 12 o'clock) dampens vibrations and provides a softer sound when the ball hits the stringing, resulting in a comfortable feel.

The Evo Aero's all-new 16x18 stringing pattern and aerodynamic frame mean you'll be able to spin more easily and gain more confidence on each of your shots. The reinforced trampoline effect offers additional power while saving energy at the same time.