Babolat 102455 Pure Aero Rafa 300g


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New limited edition colour scheme of the legendary Pure Aero – endorsed by the legend himself: Rafael Nadal

The Babolat Pure Aero racket is the ultimate weapon for players seeking spin. Studied to be more aerodynamic with several different kinds of technology, this model does not follow any rules and strives to be original.

Weighing 300 grams with a 32 cm balance, this racket provides the perfect balance between stability for powerful shots and maneuverability for accurate shots.

The 645 cm² racket head makes the racket much more forgiving while keeping an excellent balance of spin, power and control. The 16×19 string pattern optimizes string movement and increases power in order to enable you to easily move your opponents around and push them back with heavy topspin shots.

A loss of stiffness (71 Ra instead of 72 Ra) is the main difference between this model and the previous versions. The racket provides more control and feel. Lastly, this racket acquires innovative materials that are used in different industries in order to become even more comfortable.

Player profile :

– for advanced level players who are looking for a maximum amount of spin and power

Technologies :

– Aeromodular³ : aerodynamic frame shape to maximize the racket head’s air penetration for more spin
– Cortex Pure Feel : Babolat and SMAC (French Aerospace Company) have added the SMACWRAP material (used in the aerospace industry) to the racket to reduce vibrations. This material is integrated into the frame’s graphite to reduce shocks and obtain a better sound when you strike the ball.
– Woofer System : grommets that lengthen contact time between strings and the ball to offer enhanced feel and comfort
– FSI Spin : increased space between the strings and the Spin Grommets at the 6 and 12 o’clock areas for more movement and to obtain more spin
– CarbonPLYStabilizer : This technology was created in collaboration with Chomarat, a French automobile and aeronautics specialist. This material is also used in bikes and skis. Added to the racket’s throat, Carbon Ply brings more stability and precision to your shots.