Babolat 102433 EVO Drive Tour(285)


Babolat 102433 EVO Drive Tour(285) - 136 Blue / G1 is in our warehouse, please allow an extra 2-3 days for shipping.

Enjoying the self-improvement challenge of tennis? Check out the Evo Drive. Whether you want to have fun with friends or want to see how far you can take your game (why not both?!), this affordable performance racquet provides easy power and comfort as you enjoy tennis and reach your full potential.

If you want easy power and comfort but prefer a heavier racquet for increased stability, you’ll enjoy the Evo Drive Tour.

Headsize 660.0cm²
Length 685.0mm
Weight (unstrung) 285.0g
Tolerance Weight +/- 7g
Stringing pattern 16/19
Balance (unstrung) 3mm
Balance HL HH (unstrung) 7 pts HL
Tolerance Balance +/- 7mm
Swing weigth 290
Stiffness (RA) 70
Beam width 23-26-23
Composition Graphite
Recommended strings Xcel/AddiXion
Recommended tension 23-25 Kg
Recommended grip Syntec Evo
Strung / Unstrung Strung