Babolat 102402 Pure Strike Team - 285g

Advantages : Control - Spin - Manoeuvrability

The Babolat Pure Strike Team is one of the most manoeuvrable racquets of the range. The 645cm² head size will allow you to deliver powerful shots without losing control.

The 285g racquet is balanced in the head (33cm). This combination will enable you to obtain extra manoeuvrability and easily accelerate the head of your racquet. You will be able to hit a great deal of spin on your shots ! The thin (21-23-21mm), but stiff frame will reproduce a maximum amount of energy into each shot and will deform very little at impact in order to acquire extra explosiveness. The 16x19 string pattern and the FSI Power technology provide versatility as they will allow you to hit a ton of spin on your shots, while ensuring additional control.

The addition of the C² Pure Feel technology will bring you more comfort, feel and touch especially when you are hitting drop shots at the net.

Type of player :

- intermerdiate players who are looking for accuracy and manoeuvrability

Technologies :

- C² Pure Feel : Babolat and SMAC (French Aerospace company) have added the innovative SMACWRAP material. This material is used in the aerospace industry to reduce vibrations. The material is integrated into the graphite of the frame to reduce vibrations when you are striking the ball, obtain a muffled sound when you are striking and provide exceptional feel.
- Control Frame Technology : unique frame shape to obtain a very dynamic elliptical shape at the throat area and a squared shape on the rest of the frame to offer more control
- FSI Power: the innovative string pattern implements grommets in the shape of a diamond in order to enlarge the sweet spot, allow you to gain power and centre the ball easier on your racquet head