Babolat 102390 AERO G 270g


Babolat 102390 AERO G 270g - Yellow / G0 is in our warehouse, please allow an extra 2-3 days for shipping.

This Babolat Aero G racket offers a similar design to the racket used by the Spanish champion, Rafael Nadal. The light and easy to play with racket can be used by many players as it will allow you to hit powerful shots with lots of topspin

Benefits for the Player : Spin – Tolerance – Power

As soon as you put this racket in your head, you will enjoy the Aero G racket’s incredible stability and light weight (270g).

The 660 cm² head size will optimise the trampoline effect and the stiff frame will absorb little energy. Therefore, this racket will be a true weapon in terms of depth and it will allow you to dictate the point.

The large head size offers power and it will be easier for you to hit the tennis ball in the centre of your racket head. This is an ideal choice for beginners and intermediate players. The light weight and the excellent balance (32cm) will provide manoeuvrability and enable you to quickly manoeuvre the frame when you are at the net. Lastly, the 16×19 string pattern will allow you to access a great amount of spin !

Technologies :

– Woofer : found in the grommets to prolong the contact time between the ball and the string in order to limit vibrations when contacting the ball and offer more comfort
– Aero Modular Technology : This technology allows you to hit a great deal of spin and makes it easier for the racquet to travel through the air. The Aero shaft is ideal for players who have a closed grip and who enjoy hitting a ton of topspin on their shots !

Type of Player :

– Beginner to intermediate players / young competitors
– Ideal racquet for those who like to hit topspin