Babolat 101462 Pure Drive Lite Wimbledon


Babolat 101462 Pure Drive Lite Wimbledon - Purple / G0 is in our warehouse, please allow an extra 2-3 days for shipping.

Wimbledon fans will be able to celebrate the prestigious English tournament with the new limited edition Babolat Pure Drive Lite, an exclusive version with the colors of Wimbledon 2021!

Ideal for players looking for the perfect balance between power and handling. It has the same features and technologies as the standard Pure Drive Lite.

Weighing in at just 270g, the Pure Drive Lite Wimbledon allows players to enjoy their game by hitting their shots with great ease.

The FSI technology features a denser stringing pattern in the sweetspot and a Woofer system to allow greater control with each impact with the ball and more comfort with each shot.

The elliptical section of the frame offers resistance to torsion and bending for optimized power, while the upgrade of the Cortex system filters all harmful vibrations right from the neck, making the sensation of fluidity of the strokes unique.

This Lite version is lighter by 30 grams compared to its older sister, a pleasant compromise for those looking for a light tool that does not tire the joints even after hours and hours of use in the field, without having to give up power.

The lightness and manageability of the racket allows you to make all shots with great ease and to have an extra gear thanks to the particular GT Technology that provides excellent stability at the moment of impact of the ball. The added stiffness allows for greater ball power and accuracy.

The Pure Drive Lite Wimbledon is versatile and innovative, offering the right combination of power, spin and the feel of speed and predictable response on the swings.