Babolat 101328 Pure Drive VS 300g

With the Pure Drive VS, Babolat adds a new chapter to the one of the game's most iconic racquets. Like the standard Pure Drive, these racquets were invented for the explosive mechanics of the modern power game. What separates it from the standard Pure Drive is a slightly smaller head size along with a thinner, more flexible beam. The upshot is a racquet that not only gives you a more "connected feel" at impact, but one that launches the ball with greater predictability and precision. This model includes Babolat's FSI Power technology, which features diamond shaped grommet holes and wider string spacing (think spin). From the baseline, the Pure Drive VS is a crisp point and shoot weapon that offers mindless targeting on full swings. It swings faster than the standard Pure Drive, which means you'll find it easier to swing bigger when adding pace and spin to your shots. This stick is also great for scrambling on defense or executing winners on the run. At net and on service returns the Pure Drive VS moves into position with lightning speed. Although it isn't as stable as a traditionally weighted player's racquet, the combination of speed and precision make it pretty dangerous in the right hands. On serves, the Pure Drive VS whips through contact with ease to deliver a nice combination of accuracy and pop. Ultimately, with its crisp and clean feel, controllable power and excellent spin, the Pure Drive VS will definitely turn some heads.