Ashaway Phantom 5000

Colour: Orange
Size: One Size
Developed with the Phantom Airflow System, this new addition to our popular Phantom range, is thinner at the top of the racket head so it is able to glide through the air with maximum speed.

The new Ashaway Phantom 5000 has a stiff shaft and medium to head-heavy balance, and is designed for powerful overhead shots, as well as control in the mid to forecourt.

Suitable for club to professional; this racket is made using premium 40 Tonne Japanese Carbon Graphite.

The Phantom 5000 model allows players to play with a premium Ashaway Phantom racket for under £100.

Balance: 287mm (Even-Head Heavy)
Flex: Stiff
Weight: 85g
Frame:Ultra 40Tonne High Modulus Carbon