Adidas RK6AD7U34 Essnova Carbon Attack

€199,00 €260,00
Colour: Black
Size: One Size
The new Essnova Carbon ATTK from Adidas is a very powerful racket for the attacking player looking for a hard smash with a soft touch. Thanks to the head-heavy balance with a full Carbon eXoskeleton in the frame, in combination with 6K Carbon fibre this racket is stiff and rigid and provides a lot power in your downward strokes down at the net position. You keep the soft feeling and touch thanks to the EVA Soft Performance rubber inside of the racket, this will help you to give just the right amount of speed and power when its needed without losing to much comfort during your match.

LEVEL - Advanced
FREQUENCY - Habitual
SHAPE - Diamond Oversize
BALANCE- Head Heavy (285 mm)
WEIGHT - 360-375gr
LENGTH - 455 mm
SURFACE - 480 cm2
SWEET SPOT - In the top