Adidas RK5GB2U12 Match 3.1

Colour: Blue
Size: One Size

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The Match 3.1 is a round shaped racket ideal for occasional players. This racket is designed to offer maximum comfort and durability and from the first moment the sensations will be unbeatable. It offers great manageability thanks to its format and low balance, sensational comfort for its fiberglass composition and EVA Soft Performance rubber and great power due to the combination of materials with which it is constructed.

Technology in this paddle

EVA Soft Performance:
Spin blade gritt:SPIN BLADE GRITT technology is a special sand-format roughness incorporated over the entire striking surface. This technology will help you to produce the best spin and enhance your feel of the ball.
Carbon 3k:The 3K braided carbon surface provides extra rigidity. This will allow you to obtain greater power in the stroke.
Paddle Specs

Head Size: 520 sq cm
Shape: - Round
Weight: - 360-375gr
Balance: - Balanced 275MM