Adidas RK3CA5U35 Rx 300

Colour: Yellow
Size: One Size
Discover the new yellow and blue RX 300 padel racket, a model that stands out for its balance since it is very well compensated in control, power and comfort due to its more flexible materials.

Thanks to its teardrop-shaped design and medium balance, it provides equal power and control. It also favors the adaptation of the player by the materials used, which makes it easier to play with it. It also has soft performance eva rubber for a good start and reduce vibrations, so you can play for hours without discomfort in the arm.

On the other hand, it has been manufactured with fiber glass, reinforcing the frame with some carbon to offer resistance against shocks or blows. It also features Structural Power technology and perimeter reinforcements that increase stiffness and, therefore, power in shots or volleys close to the net.