Adidas RK1CA0U31 Metalbone Control 3.2

€299,00 €380,00
Colour: Black
Size: One Size
The adidas Metalbone Control 3.2 padel racket is a high performance padel racket that has all the ingredients to develop the highest level. Thanks to the Weight and Balance System technology, you can customise your racket by adding up to 12 grams of weight. Spin Blade technology in the form of an octagonal honeycomb allows you to add great spin and improve the feel of the ball. The two-to-one aluminised carbon surface added to the the EVA high-performance memory rubber will allow you to acquire a great feel and power in all your attacking shots. Its round shape will allow you to control the game and take it to where you want.

Spin Blade Octagonal technology boosts the effects on every hit
Round shape for control on every shot
EVA soft performance, low-density rubber for a soft touch
Smart Hole Curves to help you on the effects
Structural Reinforcement that provides rigidity to the structure of the racket
Great rigidity with the Octagonal Structure
345g-360g (plus 12g for custom weight)
Length 455mm x thickness 38mm
Weight and Balance System to customise the weight and balance of the racket