Adidas Pickleball RX Control

Color: Blue

With a thickness of 14mm, it offers impressive rigidity combining power, touch, and control. Its wide and centered CTRL shape places the sweet spot in the center for maximum maneuverability and precision.

• Structural Reinforcement: Perimeter carbon reinforcement integrated from the bottom of the handle to the sides of the paddle. This creates torsional rigidity and durability, providing a solid and stable surface.

• Spin Blade Grit: A rough surface that allows you to generate spin with every hit, giving you a versatile game and greater ability to control the ball.

• High Density POLYPROPYLENE HONEYCOMB: High-density honeycomb polymer core, resulting in a harder touch that helps increase power in high-intensity shots. Lightweight and highly resistant material. Recognized by the red cap.

• Extra Power Grip: Ideal for players using a two-handed backhand, this 5-inch-long grip shifts the mass towards the tip of the paddle, generating inertia and power in energetic hits.

• Fiber Glass: High-performance fiberglass provides maximum comfort and excellent ball output due to its enhanced flexibility. Ideal for intermediate and beginner players, offering an exceptional touch.

• Classic Multilayers: Sandwich-format construction that incorporates multiple layers of carbon and rough textures into the honeycomb polymer core, along with the protector and grip pieces.

• Upgraded Edge Guard: Perimeter protector that prolongs the durability of the paddle, protecting the sides against accidental hits and game moves.

• Comfort Grip: With an EVA layer that offers a padded and soft feel, this grip has a perforated surface for a non-slip and secure grip, combining comfort and control.

Weight: 7.8 - 8.2 OZ
Dimensions: H 16" x W 8"

Product Code: PB3AA0U63