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SKU: vkls300
€229.00 €185.00
Suitable for aggressive players looking for a comfortable feel, stability and great power
SKU: vsg4
very popular racket for players looking for a large sweetspot and one of the best dampening systems in any racket.
SKU: vovipr
€199.00 €179.00
The NEW Volkl Super G V1 Pro delivers a impressive combination of power and balanced handling to provide a precise, forgiving feel.
SKU: vok
€209.00 €189.00
One of the best 'tweener' rackets on the market today. A combination of fantastic feel, control and stability and very elbow friendly due to a clever dampening system in the handle.
SKU: vorg3
€225.00 €199.00
one of the most popular rackets for comfort. The weight, balance ,head size and vibration dampers in the racket make it a real winner with people who had a mid swing .
SKU: voor1o
€289.00 €249.00
Newest version of the top of the range racket from Volkl - maximum power and comfort!
SKU: vosg8hsg
€229.00 €185.00
Heavier version of the Super G 8 which provides you with more stability and power.