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SKU: babcl313
Babolat's 3 racket holder in the club range.
SKU: lbab1bl
Top of the range Babolat tennis ball - suitable for all surfaces.
SKU: hatb
€15.00 €12.00
Velcro adjustable tennis cap with Babolat flag logo.
SKU: lbpdlb
Top of the range Babolat padel ball .
SKU: hatw
€15.00 €12.00
Velcro adjustable tennis cap with Babolat flag logo.
SKU: Esbkpkbl
€35.00 €29.00
This range of bags replaces the Club-Line. It has the usual Babolat feature of a racket pocket at the back with the sleeve to cover the handle. Main pocket for bulky items. Small outer zipped pocket for small items like keys, phone etc.
SKU: CluPnpnk
€35.00 €29.00
Babolat Essential Back Pack - Pink
SKU: Babpgt
€199.00 €129.00
Perennial favourite and core racket in the Babolat range. It’s ideal for players seeking the perfect balance between power and feel.
SKU: Blite
€220.00 €179.00
Perfect racket for power and spin for those younger players transitioning from junior rackets to senior.
SKU: Bli15
€220.00 €169.00
Lightest model in the Pure Aero range - 10 grams heavier than the racket it replaces.
SKU: Baaertm
€230.00 €189.00
Medium weight version in the Pure Aero range.

Great racket for those players looking for a more solid feel without going into 300 grams.

SKU: aerjn19
€130.00 €105.00
Latest version of the very popular junior model of the Nadal racket. One inch shorter (26") and a lighter frame, but made with the same materials and composition as the adult version.
SKU: babble
€69.00 €59.00
Perfect racket for younger players looking for first graphite composite racket at a reasonable price.
SKU: bsvst
€235.00 €199.00
A new version of the Babolat pure control tour which has excellent feel and stability.
SKU: bsvs
€255.00 €210.00
The Pure Aero VS weighs 295g with a 98sq head. The racket is ideal for players with a medium to long swing .Great spin for players and provides great responisveness and strong stability for players who prefer a mid weight racket
SKU: hltts17!
€225.00 €189.00
2017 brings the new 305g, 16/19 model. The new and redesigned Pure Strike, endorsed by ATP top 10 player Dominic Thiem
SKU: Bapdt15
€185.00 €119.00
A new offering in the Pure Drive range - introduced in 2015. This 285 gram racket will appeal to players with a moderate to full swing looking for increased maneuverability, forgiveness and versatility at a slightly lighter weight than the Pure Drive.
SKU: hlt10017!
€215.00 €179.00
2017 brings the new Strike 100 with its 300g weight and 16/19 string pattern . The new and redesigned Pure Strike 100, endorsed by ATP top 10 player Dominic Thiem
SKU: hlttm0s17!
€189.00 €169.00
2017 brings the new 285 gram, 16/19 model. The new and redesigned Pure Strike, endorsed by ATP top 10 player Dominic Thiem
SKU: babd12r
large capacity bag with three large compartments to store a total of 12 rackets.
SKU: pj26
€59.00 €55.00
Great look at a great price.
SKU: pudr2618
€110.00 €85.00
The Babolat Pure Drive Junior 26 features all the technology and performance of the adult Pure Drive in a lighter, more maneuverable racquet,
SKU: a26"1625
€115.00 €99.00
The latest version of the smallest racket in the Nadal Aero range - all the goodness of the full-size model in a pint-size package!
SKU: Bpteam
€149.00 €119.00
The Babolat Aero G Tennis Racket is made from 100% graphite which is the perfect choice for Intermediate players.
SKU: Bab18
€220.00 €179.00
One of the most popular and versatile tennis rackets on the market today suitable for a wide range of players.
SKU: nad140
€35.00 €29.00
Aluminium racket - for 7 to 9 years of age .
SKU: bacp
€15.00 €12.00
lightweight Babolat cap to keep the scorching Irish sun off your head.
SKU: bajetb
€69.00 €65.00
SKU: Btbg617
€85.00 €69.00
Babolat two compartment racket bag to match the Pure Aero racket range - as used by Nadal.
SKU: b360
€18.00 €15.00
Super Advanced Socks, Designed Especially For Tennis
SKU: Ba6rktpd
€80.00 €75.00
Babolat Pure Drive 6 Racket Bag - Blue/Black
SKU: Ba6rktwhtredd
€80.00 €75.00
Babolat Pure 6 Racket Bag
SKU: bbabp
Latest version of the Aero backpack to match the graphics of the Pure Aero range.
SKU: bpk31
€35.00 €29.00
Babolat Essential Club 3 Racket Bag - Black/Pink
SKU: babjns
€35.00 €29.00
Lightweight short.
SKU: Ba107
€200.00 €179.00
Larger headed version in the pure drive family. designed for the player looking for a bigger sweetspot and a good combination of power and control.
€99.00 €85.00
Lightweight graphite racket. Perfect for improvers .
SKU: bcrew
€49.00 €39.00
The Performance crew keeps you cool and wicks moisture away from your skin. Which means you can stay cool and dry on the outside even if on the inside its a different story.
SKU: nwbap7b
€44.00 €35.00
New 7 inch Lightweight woven short which has great breathability .
SKU: Braero
€99.00 €75.00
The Babolat Rival Aero Tennis Racket is ideal for intermediate player looking for power at an affordable price. Only available in grip 2 (4 1/4).
SKU: prbajn
€49.00 €45.00
Babolat Juniors Pulsion All Court Tennis Shoes Junior version of the Pulsion shoe, newly designed for 2017. Built for comfort and resistance, with its EVA midsole and durable synthetic upper.
SKU: babt26
€100.00 €85.00
Junior version of the brand new Pure Strike
SKU: bwbwhtw
€35.00 €29.00
Performance skort with fantastic range of motion and built-in shorts. Colour: Fluo Red
SKU: babcl6rblu
Babolat's Club Line 6 racket bag.
SKU: pdplb
€250.00 €199.00
This new aerodynamic frame enables the racket head to move more quickly and the French open color is eyecatching
SKU: purejunior dr25
€69.00 €55.00
Great look at a great price.
SKU: pdr25
€89.00 €85.00
25 inch graphite racket for players around the age of 8 looking for power and stability.
SKU: nwbap7
€44.00 €35.00
New 7 inch Lightweight woven short which has great breathability .
SKU: Baz18
€189.00 €159.00
Light weight and still a nice amount of power. Great for advanced younger players or players looking for a racket that is light and stable.
SKU: nnvbap7b
€44.00 €35.00
New 7 inch Lightweight woven short which has great breathability .