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New Products
SKU: wuk10cv
€220.00 €195.00
The Ultra 100 Countervail is the most versatile racket in the ultra range. plenty of power and stability.
SKU: swartz
€165.00 €145.00
Salming Fusione Pro of the Aero Vectran series offers a new powerful closed throat bridge racket geometry with an even balance. Fusione PRO features an excellent package of maneuverability, control and power. It has the new aerodynamic frame with the open
SKU: svaerfza
€109.00 €95.00
Salming Forza offers the best of two worlds in terms of a perfect fusion of maneuverability and power. The longest main strings are 36 cm long generating a powerful trampoline effect with the end result – effortless power.
SKU: salslm
€119.00 €99.00
This hot new Salming racket has a great feel and a massive sweet spot.
SKU: hradcam
€8.00 €7.00
Great ball for playing or training. Super durability
SKU: lplite
€69.00 €59.00
The Karakal Prolite is a superlite court shoe which offers exceptional lateral stability due to the heel and forefoot band and lace Loop system which stops the foot rolling on sideways movement.
SKU: dr4
€149.00 €129.00
The Dunlop R4 Revolution NT has Fantastic playing properties and extra comfort
SKU: dr3
€179.00 €139.00
The Dunlop R3 Revolution NT has the right combination of control and comfort.
SKU: kw
€69.00 €55.00
Top of the range junior shoe from Kswiss - Omni outsole
SKU: babjktw
€69.00 €65.00
This Babolat Mens Performance range jacket is designed for comfort and warmth .
SKU: wvcbpgg
€99.00 €85.00
Large backpack with pockets galore
SKU: wvcbpg
€99.00 €85.00
Large backpack with pockets galore
SKU: bucvoro
€229.00 €199.00
Players like Kei Nishikori and Simona Halep will play with this new Burn series.
SKU: Wkba98lltd
€229.00 €199.00
18x20 string pattern for classic control, with game-changing Countervail technology. Endorsed by Roland Garros 2017 Champion Jelena Ostapenko.
SKU: blso
€199.00 €179.00
Limited Edition Burn 100LS with reverse colour scheme.
SKU: baboost
€99.00 €89.00
Powerful and forgiving..which will suit players moving into full size and players with short swings.
SKU: bpgrr
€59.00 €55.00
The Babolat Pure Backpack is a very easy way to carry your racket and equipment to and from training and matches.
SKU: a7k
€89.00 €69.00
Full graphite racket for optimal smashing speeds, but also features a higher flex shaft for improved defence
SKU: 7300
€148.00 €89.00
Light Frame, Aerodynamic Shaped Light Fighter 7300 Badminton Racket.
SKU: 580
€89.00 €69.00
A perfect combination of lightweight frame and head heavy balance supports a powerful game with handling and precision.
SKU: 6500
€129.00 €99.00
This head light balanced racket provides outstanding racket head speed and enhanced maneuverability
SKU: 7000
€119.00 €89.00
This racket has a Light Frame for enhanced controllability Control is everything. An even balance provides fast racket head speed for great defence and drives whilst maintaining great touch and control.
SKU: 7390
€139.00 €99.00
Offering impressive power, this attacking racket of the Light Fighter Series provides outstanding feeling and handling
SKU: v7500
€169.00 €115.00
Control the power! The head heavy Light Fighter racket features an aerodynamic frame enabling players to dominate games with powerful smashes
SKU: v330
€149.00 €99.00
The Thruster K 30 effectively combines an offensive balance with impressive handling
SKU: JTon8
€179.00 €139.00
Lightweight racket with excellent handling for precise game play.
SKU: vS10
€239.00 €155.00
The Jetspeed S 10 offers great all-round playability combining exceptional speed, power and control
€249.00 €179.00
A new Speed racket engineered with the advanced Twin Epoxy Resin System (TERS), JS-12 comes with stiff frame and resilient shaft, offering easy controllability for net shots and massive force for sweeping movement, most suitable for fast players.
€219.00 €155.00
This super lightweight racket enables exceptionally fast swing speed for easy counter-attacking and mid-court encounters
SKU: vic900
€259.00 €189.00
HX-900 is equipped with NANO FORTIFY TR to build a resilient yet sturdy frame. Not only has the anti-torsion performance been improved, the attack and defense strength has also been further advanced, making HX-900 truly an ideal racket for dominate player
SKU: mx3
The best combination of power and control in tennis with this new magnesium technology. 295 gram for more power.
SKU: mx5
The best combination of power and control in tennis with this new magnesium technology.
SKU: yvtfb
€229.00 €195.00
Good for smashing as the lightweight but head heavy design creates good head speed .
SKU: td55
€99.00 €79.00
The Box Frame gives you power and a solid feeling, while the Aero Frame gives you speed and sharp returns.
SKU: ydr6
€199.00 €159.00
Comfort, Power and Speed for All-Round Play. Even Balance and Flexible Shaft
SKU: hhodan
€45.00 €40.00
great quality and value in this stylish breathable tee
SKU: MRu2.5grlm
€129.00 €99.00
great support and comfort and good grip for clay/omni court surfaces.

SKU: wibcnst
€29.00 €25.00
The Wilson Boys' Spring Striped Tennis Crew in Green Glow and White
SKU: wibcn
€22.00 €19.00
Dress your son to impress with the Wilson Boys' Team Tennis Crew in Blithe and Hot Coral.
SKU: bper17t
€39.00 €35.00
37.5 Technology works to keep the optimum relative humidity in your microclimate so your body more efficiently maintains an ideal core temperature, enabling you to perform better, longer.
SKU: bchsl
€45.00 €39.00
Your super star in the making will wow her opponent with the Babolat Girl's Core Hood TennisSweat in Light blue!
SKU: bperfjkt
€49.00 €45.00
Treat your child to the Babolat Girl's Performance Tennis Jacket in White and watch how she will be the envy of all her friends
SKU: bwbwhtw
€35.00 €29.00
Performance skort with fantastic range of motion and built-in shorts. Colour: Fluo Red
SKU: ba17toprd
€39.00 €35.00
Capsleeve shirt made for flexibility and high performance for young players
SKU: loaferb17
€125.00 €115.00
funky colour and great support from this durable shoe
SKU: httbprde
€49.00 €45.00
The Tour Team Backpack has ample space for your rackets ,shoes ,gear, lunch and tissues for your opponents tears.
SKU: httbprwt
€49.00 €45.00
The Tour Team Backpack has ample space for your rackets ,shoes ,gear, lunch and tissues for your opponents tears.
SKU: hbslogvw
€45.00 €39.00
For the lady looking for a longer skort.
SKU: hbslogv
€45.00 €39.00
For the lady looking for a longer skort.
SKU: hvtkp
€45.00 €39.00
Stunning new head tank which fantastic detail