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New Products
SKU: rad360
€240.00 €199.00
Head Graphene 360 Radical MP Tennis Racket NEW for 2019 (295g) - The most versatile racket of the series also features a dynamic 16/19 string pattern for enhanced playability and spin
SKU: kwao
€110.00 €99.00
giving players lightweight feel, support and cushioning the aero court omni shoe is a shoe not to be missed.
SKU: ss
€199.00 €99.00
Take your game to the next level with the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor! Connect the sensor to your racket in seconds and start getting live,
SKU: wisld
€19.00 €18.00
Leadstrips for adjusting your tennis racket to get the prefect weight, the best balance or more power.
SKU: kswhphs
€49.00 €45.00
Look your best and remain comfortable and cool in this short from K-Swiss.
SKU: kswhph
€49.00 €45.00
Look your best and remain comfortable and cool in this polo from K-Swiss.
SKU: kswhp
€49.00 €45.00
this item is perfect for both performance-oriented and recreational tennis players.
SKU: WIR2.5rb
€139.00 €109.00
Comfort and grip like no other shoe on the market.
SKU: wtstgypr9
€89.00 €75.00
clever functional tennis backpack from Wilson's premium Super Tour range.
SKU: wtvbpr
€99.00 €85.00
great quality and stylish design
SKU: heainste19
€149.00 €129.00
The Head Graphene 360 Instinct Team tennis racquet is one of the lightest rackets of the range.
SKU: ttptcbe
€999.00 €899.00
The Tennis Cube is the smallest, most compact, ultra-lightweight tennis ball machine in the Tennis Tutor family. Ideal for beginner and intermediate players.
SKU: ttptwt
€450.00 €350.00
SKU: hex26
€99.00 €85.00
26 inch racket packed with the power the spin potential you can expect from the Extreme range.
SKU: Hextrlt
€159.00 €135.00
The lightest model in the Extreme range - aimed at good juniors moving on to their first full-size racket.
SKU: Hextrs
€179.00 €159.00
The extreme gives the top level of spin and power, the S model weighs 280 grams making it easier to manoeuvre
SKU: Hextro
€189.00 €169.00
The Pro model is the heaviest in the Extreme range, with specification designed for tournament level players.
SKU: aerjn19
€130.00 €105.00
Latest version of the very popular junior model of the Nadal racket. One inch shorter (26") and a lighter frame, but made with the same materials and composition as the adult version.
SKU: Blite
€220.00 €179.00
Perfect racket for power and spin for those younger players transitioning from junior rackets to senior.
SKU: Baaertm
€230.00 €199.00
Medium weight version in the Pure Aero range.

Great racket for those players looking for a more solid feel without going into 300 grams.

SKU: waimpcc
€119.00 €109.00
The Wave Impulse is the latest shoe in Mizuno tennis footwear range, and it’s built for speed.
SKU: lksw accpl
€149.00 €129.00
light weight clay sole shoe which provides good comfort ,durability and grip .
SKU: mizbrek
€119.00 €109.00
Dynamotion Fit construction heavily reduces stress on your feet while providing a snug fit for fantastic levels of control
SKU: Hextrmp
€189.00 €169.00
The Extreme racket series seamlessly combines extreme spin and power into a rock solid feel.
SKU: Ksomncl
€110.00 €99.00
giving players lightweight feel ,support and cushioning is the new Aero Court omni.
SKU: inptnk
€85.00 €75.00
A must add shirt collar top to your wardrobe. Looks elegant when paired with our Pleated Skirt with Mesh Insets
SKU: wtvbpb
€99.00 €85.00
great quality and stylish design
SKU: Hin360l
€159.00 €135.00
Lovely light weight frame which usually suits junior players moving into the adult frame.
SKU: wiultwt
€129.00 €115.00
Design for a wide variety of playing styles, the Ultra provides the user with plenty of power, comfort feel, and an ease of use from all parts of the court
SKU: h360es
€169.00 €145.00
The Instinct S features the same specifications as the MP but in a lighter package, making it ideal for players who don't want to compromise on performance
SKU: clsh2100
€249.00 €215.00
SKU: hinsmp
€189.00 €159.00
Sure to be one of if not the biggest selling racket this year with its new paint job and less vibration .
€249.00 €189.00
The RADICAL S comes with a larger head and reduced weight compared to the rest of the series
SKU: baaer19
€260.00 €219.00
Babolat Pure Aero is back to provide you with the perfect racket for power and spin.
SKU: kwabb
€49.00 €45.00
It's an attractive and flexible skirt that should suit all your match needs
SKU: kwwht
€49.00 €45.00
It's an attractive and flexible skirt that should suit all your match needs
SKU: hyultr
€189.00 €129.00
K-Swiss Men`s Ultrashot Tennis Shoes are designed for competitive players who need of a stable and durability shoe
SKU: wikacly
€129.00 €99.00
Kaos omni court shoe which gives great grip on omni surfaces.
SKU: misact
€149.00 €129.00
Mizuno Wave provides extra cushioning in the rearfoot and keeps the ankle in the right position
SKU: Headgrtea19
€149.00 €129.00
The HEAD Graphene 360 Extreme Team is a powerful racket for any younger players or beginners
SKU: MRu2.5rd
€129.00 €99.00
Great support, comfort and good grip for omni/clay court surfaces.

SKU: wtr3
€205.00 €185.00
Recommended for players with a short or slow swing , or those wanting to protect their arm from shock and vibration when hitting the ball.
SKU: Ks2.5
€99.00 €89.00
Lighter, more breathable and faster and the same great omni sole to help you corner better.
SKU: wicl10t
€259.00 €229.00
Get your Wilson Clash 100 Tour now and desimate your opponent!
SKU: vok
€209.00 €169.00
One of the best 'tweener' rackets on the market today. A combination of fantastic feel, control and stability and very elbow friendly due to a clever dampening system in the handle.
SKU: wifdteambw
€55.00 €45.00
Lightweight design and comfortable to wear .
SKU: wtstbpr9
€89.00 €75.00
clever functional tennis backpack from Wilson's premium Super Tour range.
SKU: he19litw
€119.00 €95.00
The Head Challenge Lite is very maneuvrable, responsive and fast, Perfect for the younger player moving from junior rackets into senior.
SKU: voor1o
€289.00 €225.00
Newest version of the top of the range racket from Volkl - maximum power and comfort!
SKU: v2
€279.00 €199.00
With some exciting tweaks to the feel, the V-Feel 2 is an obvious choice for any player who wants to turbo boost their game.